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Oldsmobile Silhouette 3.4L V6 Engines

Oldsmobile Silhouette was created in 1989 by General Motors. This vehicle was the first of a series of luxury minivans. The excellent gas mileage of the Vortec 3400 engine was one of the reasons the Silhouette remained popular. The luxury style of this minivan helped it to remain in production until the 2004 year. Oldsmobile…

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1996 Oldsmobile Bravada 4.3L Engines

Oldsmobile Bravada was introduced by GM as a luxury SUV. This vehicle was the answer to the Blazer and Jimmy that were recently retired. Oldsmobile started its push toward the luxury vehicle market in the early 1990s. The Bravada provided luxury as well as power to buyers of this vehicle. The Vortec 4300 was the…

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Rebuilt Oldsmobile Intrigue Engines

Oldsmobile Intrigue was a standard model sedan produced by General Motors. The Oldsmobile class of cars started to become popular in the early 1990s after the body designs were modernized. The Intrigue was launched in 1998 where it remained until the closure of Oldsmobile in 2004. The Oldsmobile sedans and passenger cars were making a…

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Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Engines

Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser is considered by many to be the premier station wagon. The Custom Cruiser had a production life of over 20 years for General Motors. The early 1970s is when this vehicle premiered and it remained in the lineup for 2 full decades. There were 3 separate generations of the Custom Cruiser that…

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Rebuilt Oldsmobile Regency Engines

Oldsmobile Regency was the redesign of the revamped Oldsmobile Eighty Eight. Big changes took place in the early 1990s for GM. Oldsmobile sales were beginning to slip. Increased foreign competition made it harder to push the 3.8L engine. Smaller and less fuel consuming cars were being produced. The Oldsmobile Regency was a slightly smaller design…

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Oldsmobile 88 Remanufactured Engines

Oldsmobile was a subsidiary of General Motors until is closure in 2004. The Oldsmobile 88 was the most talked about car for 50 years. GM rolled more eighty eighty cars off of its production line than any other car in GM history. The powerful V6 engine was always the engine used from the late ’70s…

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