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Plymouth Breeze 2.4L Engines

Plymouth Breeze was engineered in 1996. This vehicle was a replacement for the Stratus in the Dodge lineup. While Plymouth has had few sedans, the Breeze was one that did well for this automaker. The Cirrus was another model that was used to help design the Breeze in the late 1990s. The engine type that…

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Rebuilt Plymouth Grand Voyager Engines

Plymouth Grand Voyager was created by Chrysler in 1987. The minivan market was heating up and the Grand Voyager was Chrysler’s introduction. The earliest version of this van was first used in 1983 and rebranded with the Grand name in the late ’80s. The ever popular 2.2L engine was used as the starting point for…

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Rebuilt Plymouth Voyager Engines

Plymouth Voyager or Grand Voyager was one of the most successful minivans of the ’80s and ’90s. Although its mass production ended in 2000, this minivan and its unique engines remain in high demand. The 2.4 is the engine that was used during the final years of the Voyager and so happens to be what…

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Plymouth Breeze Remanufactured Engines

Plymouth Breeze was one of few cars to be produced in the 1990s that was immediately put on the Best Engines List. The Breeze was stylish and did not come with the higher prices that most luxury sedans came with. The 2.4L Neon engine was what Chrysler selected to go into the Breeze to give…

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Plymouth Acclaim Remanufactured Engines

Plymouth Acclaim was a luxury version of the smaller passenger cars produced by Plymouth. Cars like the LeBaron, Reliant and Spirit were all created alongside the Acclaim and all had their own share of the market. A V6 and a 4-cylinder engine was offered to drivers and hundreds of thousands of these vehicles were sold…

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