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Saturn S

Saturn Vue Engines for Sale

Saturn Vue was an SUV series produced by General Motors from 2002 until 2010. This vehicle series was manufactured in the United States and use three engined types during its eight-year production run. The I4, V6 and hybrid engine were used in different sizes to power this vehicle. What customers find here are rebuilt Saturn…

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Rebuilt Saturn L Series 2.2L Engines

Saturn L Series was an upgrade to the S series that performed so well. There were two types of L series vehicles that were produced in the U.S. The first was a sedan and the second was a station wagon. Each of these vehicles had the option of two different GM engines. The first engine…

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Remanufactured Saturn S Series Engines For Sale

Saturn S series engines seem to be very confusing to many folks. Even seasoned professional mechanics have trouble explaining the differences between an SL-1 and an SL-2 Saturn engine. It’s actually not that difficult to figure out, and we will have an easy solution for you in a second. However, if you are looking for…

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